People List


NB: SMCA's Board of Directors is made up of people who care about the community. Because they live or work near to the community centre they also care about local people. They want to volunteer their time to help ensure that SMCA provides the best possible services to the community.

The Board of Director (Volunteers)
Name Job Title
Pastor Arthur Campbell Chairman, SMCA, and Pastor at the Seventh Day Adventist Church at SMCA
Merle Mohammed Vice Chairman, SMCA, and Manager, La Petite Fleur Pre-School Nursery at SMCA and its other branches
Barbara Holgate Treasurer, Secretary and Director, SMCA
Simon Lynn Director - standing down June 2016 - replacement needed
Fred Day Director, SMCA
Position Vacant Director, SMCA
Position Vacant Director, SMCA
The Staff Team
Name Job Title
Brenda Josiah Manager, SMCA
Melissa Murrill Activities Coordinator SMCA
Teddey Tate Office Assistant, SMCA
Mama Fatima Evening Cleaner/Caretaker, SMCA
Richard Hayward Weekend Cleaner/Caretaker, SMCA